Smile-for It costs nOthing and is indeed Priceless


A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures in a doctor’s handbook

It is known that Laughter is the best medicine however a smile on the other hand, soothes the soul, and oozes infectious radiance.

 There are so many reasons not to avoid smiling and the best part of Smile is that it is Contagious! The perfect appearance, costly dresses and expensive footwear is incomplete without a smile.. A  Smile lets the blood flow, lights up your face and makes you look attractive!

10 Reasons to Smile

1. Mood Elevation

Any minute that you are feeling down, smiling is the easiest way to elevate your mood. It tricks your brain, body and soul that you are in good spirits, and adjusts to accommodate the new feeling. As a result, your body is flooded with happy hormones and you end up happy, for real.

2. Immune System

Concrete studies have shown that constant smiling increases the blood circulation in the body, lowers heart rate, and steadies breathing, ultimately elevating your immunity levels.

 3. Pain Reduction

Endorphins are the primary happy hormones in your body and are released when you smile. Additionally, they act as natural painkillers, flooding the body and soothing whether it hurts.

 4. Natural High

Serotonin on the other hand is a mood enhancer, something like a natural drug. Serotonin, along with Endorphins are also released when you smile This means that every time you smile, you are on a natural high.

 5. Look Young

Facial muscles, just like other bodily muscles, require frequent exercise to keep in tiptop shape. The easiest way to get to this is through smiling. Some people are afraid of the laugh lines, on the lip and eye corners. That is actually a sign of improved skin elasticity and suppleness.


6. Lower Blood Pressure

The release of endorphins when you smile also helps to lower blood pressure. A very easy way is to monitor the pressure level just before and after. You will be shocked at the results. This means that smiling often, will ensure continuous good health.

 7. Spread the Radiance

There is no emotion as infectious as a smile. Strangers will naturally grin back at you when you do. They won’t know what made you happy, but are gratified to share in your contentment. As you walk down the street, keep smiling. You will never know whose day you will make. A person may be upset, feeling neglected and heartbroken. A smile will help to give them hope.

 8. Subtle Connections

There are various ways to initiate connection with a person. You can call them out, poke them, or simply make eye connection and smile. The latter will catch someone’s attention, and is far more polite. Whether it’s a stranger in a crowd, a waitress or just a friend across the room, it will surely get their attention.


9. Create Memories

A simple smile can instantly brighten ones day and not only do 1st impressions count but all impressions create memories. I don’t know about you, but when I look back on some of my favorite memories they are the times when I am smiling and happy.

 10. Moving Forward

Aside from hard work, you can also smile your way to success. Nobody wants to promote a grumpy soul. The colleagues that are always smiling at the workplace are easily noticeable. Reliable studies have shown that jolly people are naturally perceived to be intelligent, friendly and great to work with.

for it costs nothing and is indeed PRICELESS!


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