Global Marketing Management course: Evolving globally

Products and services are becoming global and markets in India are opening because of both entry of new companies in Indian Market and the opportunities for Indian brands worldwide. This makes it imperative for Indian universities to teach new concepts to students. An online course on global marketing offered by ‘PurdueNExT’ seeks to address the gap. “Global marketing frames decision-making regarding products that will be sold globally. The skills imparted are both concepts and tools that will help participants create a global marketing strategy,” informs Ananth Iyer, associate dean of graduate programmes, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, US.

The course will also offer an in-depth knowledge of the various issues companies face today. “Advent of mobile and its impact marketing, mLearning and social media marketing from a global perspective are skills students can later use in the competitive global job market,” adds Henry R Feeser, who will be teaching the online course.Prudue University has tied-up with Wiley India and offering various courses online – called PurdueNExT. The need for this course was communicated to Purdue by Wiley India publishers and appropriate content was then designed by Feeser. 

The course will be offered in partnership with local universities. When universities in India use this course, the faculty can create local application instances where the tools and analysis described is applied to a local company developing a global marketing plan. “This combination of a PurdueNExT course combined with a local application can provide even more enhanced learning outcomes,” informs Iyer. 

This course, as with all other PurdueNExT courses, will be offered in partnership with local universities in India.

Courtesy:The Times Of India


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