Merits of being a team player


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Teamwork is almost always advantageous. It makes you perform well and produce better result. In a team each and every one is responsible for success. It is a combination of strengths, which can also lead to minimizing individual weaknesses. In this case, the strengths and weaknesses of team members can enhance and complement each other.

Before selecting any team for the work, you should be careful because you are dealing with a team and not just with a single person. Normally with the good team, you should look at good range of abilities, expertise and personality. Teamwork motivates you to perform well rather doing everything by yourself. In a team a single person’s decision is not final, you will be having a range of opinions and take every opinion into consideration and select the best one. A group meeting is always useful for fixing the plan, executing it and finding errors if any.

In a team, responsibility is divided among each member equally according to expertise and time available. The biggest responsibility, of course, rests with the team leader. A team always allows you to perform well in the area which you have expertise. A good team always creates faithfulness in its members.

These are some of the advantages of teamwork:

• Gives better end result with high quality performance from each team member. 
• Normally more input results in better thoughts and judgments and the overall process is improved. 
• Team involves every person, his expertise and his responsibilities. 
• Execution of new ideas can be more effective and efficient. 
• It increases ownership with wider communication. 
• Shares information and increases learning in the team and in the whole organization. 
• Provides more security and develops personal relationship in the context of business operations. 
• A particular problem can be easily solved with more ideas at the same time. 
• Gives probability of solutions and can select the best one from those possibilities. 
• It increases willingness of every member to take more risk. 
• Better understanding of the decision-making process. 
• People can share common goals and interests among others. 
• In a group, it is easier to examine the problems and identify various solutions. 
• A team can handle more difficult and complex problems in the workplace. 
• A group increases the accuracy of problem solving. 
• For single problem you get many solutions and they can be solved rapidly.

Teamwork is a lot of fun. If team is good then you can expect good results and better profits. It increases the success rate of the organization and helps to achieve the common goals. That is perhaps the greatest advantage of teamwork.







2 thoughts on “Merits of being a team player

  1. This was very informative! My new job requires me to be a leader and a team builder, which is what i’m learning to do and you have made me open my eyes to the outcome I can expect if I make an extra effort with my team members to constantly motivate and edify them to become the best version of themselves. Thanks!

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