How technology has changed socially

The world may be large, but it seems to get smaller and smaller every day. This is because certain technologies allow people to connect in ways that were never possible before. Interacting with technology in order to socially interact with other people was once an idea that was only a dream. Today, this type of technology is met with enthusiasm and often taken for granted all over the world.


Technology has brought people together from all over the world. People have gathered from all over the world through internet technology to address concerns about very important topics such as war, law, and life-changing matters for thousands of people. People have gathered to sign petitions and to be heard. This is an important tool in speaking out when it may not have been possible otherwise.

People can collaborate on projects no matter where they are. Technology has made business more productive and efficient. Rather than spending many hours preparing for a business meeting by going on a business trip, people can now connect through technology that allows them to stay in the office or even at home. Companies across oceans can collaborate at the touch of a button. Now great minds can come together to bring the most benefit to the world.



People can reconnect after years of not seeing each other.As people live their lives, their lives often change. People grow apart, move away, and stop connecting with each other. Families are pulled apart by these moves and lose touch. Now technology allows people to reconnect and see each other as if they were in the same room with them. The human spirit is boosted with this added social benefit.

A new layer of social interaction has been created.People have been interacting online for a while now, and a whole new way of communicating has surfaced online. This has certain behaviorists fascinated. Humans can be studied based on how they interact online. Much is being learned about the way people behave when they are sitting behind a computer screen instead of face to face. The value to this information scientifically is great.

Markets are able to expand by using social media technology to connect with their audiences.These audiences can now be targeted to introduce them to products they would be interested in. Targeted ads show people things that they most likely want to see instead of bothering them with irrelevant ads. While most people don’t like being bombarded with advertisements, at least the advertisements are now typically something that interests or is relevant to them.


Improved social technology has saved lives and put criminals behind bars.People have been able to express their urgent need for help when a telephone wasn’t near. Others responded by acting quickly to get help for the victim. Criminals have used social technology unwisely and were convicted of their crimes because of their actions. Without this technology, these crimes may have gone unpunished.

Children have an edge in learning by using these enhanced social technologies.In the classroom, certain technologies are used as learning tools to help teach children how to work together in a group successfully. Hands on learning is important to children, and mixing this type of learning with technologically enhanced tools puts them ahead of children who do not have this type of technology.

As time goes on, there will be an even greater divide between the old world and a new, technologically enhanced world. The positive benefits will be great, and it is unlikely that the new world will ever willingly return completely to old ways of social interaction.

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