Some of the Unconventional Careers in India

In a populated company like India, where Unemployment and poverty are big issues, career and the right profession becomes a concern. In an economy, that is rapidly changing and embracing more western attributes with reference to professions; with Indian culture giving way to job vanity, many young Indians are opting for offbeat career choices. Earning and livelihood is valued over the proper career option. There are a few unconventional career that are no that popular but can earn you well.

Most of us would not ideally deviate into something offbeat, but unconventional professions are those that most people will not think of while choosing a career path. Such fields are often reserved for free spirits who give more importance to the intrinsic values of life rather than monetary benefits derived from routine jobs. While some unconventional jobs might not be appealing, some of them come with huge monetary rewards.

Modern-day Indians are gradually experimenting with new fields of professions. Some of the unconventional career options in India include Tea Taster, Sommelier, Chocolatier, Disc Jockey, Radio Jockey, Scuba Diving Instructor, Professional Tour Operator, and Professional Travel Blogger. However, this is just to name a few. Young Indians, especially women are experimenting with offbeat professions like wildlife photography, fitness trainer and language trainer.

These jobs have a common quality that is passion.

1. RJ and VJ- Those who have a passion for music dive into jobs like radio jockey. Some who have flair in their style and are attracted to Fashion choose VJ (Video Jockey).The career of Video Jockey is quite attractive.

Interestingly, Professional qualifications are not required looks more matter for a VJ.

Confidence is a necessary feature required in both the fields.

Remunerations depend upon experience and popularity of the jockey. RJs make roughly anywhere between INR 20-25K per month in the beginning. However this can easily go up to INR 60-70K over time. On the other hand, for DJs and VJs pay packages are the most attractive part; a DJ can earn anywhere between INR 8K-10K per show (sometimes even day/night) and it can be around INR 15K per show as well. Depending upon the popularity earnings of a VJ can go up to INR 2 lakhs a month. Some well-known names include Cyrus Broacha and Nikhil Chinappa.

2. Yoga and Fitness Trainer

Necessity is the mother of Invention. With people becoming more and more health-conscious or rather due increase in the diseases these days has led to more number of Yoga teachers and fitness trainers. , Indians are waking up to a regular fitness regime and thus the demand for yoga teachers and fitness instructors are here to stay. Remunerations vary somewhere between INR 30K to INR 60K per month, depending upon the popularity.

3. Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife Photography, as a career, is the most unconventional but for the people who have photography as their hobby enjoy it much more. For the people who love travelling and exploring new places, this profession is life to them. Most of the photographers work for magazines or are usually self-employed.

This profession as such requires no relevant education requirements but there are some professional courses in photography coming up.

 4.Travel Professionals/Travel Bloggers

Some people, by heart, are travelers. They love travelling and exploring new places. Travel and tourism professionals have increased considerably as the hospitality industry in India has recorded a boom.

And if you love writing your travel experiences, there is nothing much you want. You only need to strike the right chord with your readers.

Well-known Indian travel bloggers include Lakshmi Sharath (Travel Blog of an Indian Backpacker) and IndraniGhose (isharethese).

Remunerations are not that great, you can make a decent living. But what is most important to a traveler.

5. Scuba diving instructor

Scuba diving, the name itself is sufficient to make you feel adventurous! Skydiving, Scuba-diving and bungee-jumping – are the sports that involve lots of adventure. There is no certification required as such but question arises is of good health and safety.

Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep and Goa are some of the places where you will find employment as scuba diving instructors.

Apart from the above-mentioned professions, there are thousands of unconventional career options such as wedding planner, professional whistler, industrial designers, chocolatier, percussionist, cartoonist, footwear designer, and much more. Always keep in mind every career track does offer an opportunity to climb up the ladder of success provided you work with dedication. Moreover, with an ever-changing economy, it is obvious there will be more of unconventional careers options foraying in. So, chase your passions and make the best use of the opportunities available.


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