MBA in Information Technology and its Scope



The economic growth that India has witnessed over the last decade is phenomenal. We see enormous changes in everyday life of our people. The lifestyle that we follow is far different than what our previous generation was used to. All of this can mainly be credited to the ever increasing spending power of the consumers. The prosperity that we see makes us all happy and makes us wonder what suddenly changed it all. More jobs and a larger chunk of employable youth are the reason behind this prosperity. Youngsters now have more varied career paths to choose from, and a better education system to equip them for new challenges.

Education is now more focused on getting students industry ready from day one – successfully achieved through innovations in the management education. MBA education in India today is gaining acceptance and importance like no other stream. Comparatively newer areas of specialization in MBA – IT, Operations and Information Systems – have emerged as more industry oriented and practical areas of learning. It focuses on management expertise that helps to enhance the usage and applicability of operations and information technology to everyday businesses. With the advent and remarkable expansion of Information Technology and Information Systems in India, a lot many global corporations are looking at India as a huge talent pool.

MBA in IT, operations and information systems educates students in the various processes that form part of the business system. The various subjects covered in this specialization are:

Operations Management:

Inventory management, enterprise resource planning, vendor development and management, supply chain management, logistics, cost optimization, etc.

IT/information systems management:

IT strategy and planning, information system analysis and design, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, business data management systems, database management and networking etc.

Besides providing the technical knowledge about various topics, an MBA in these areas also polishes and improves on their business communication skills while helping students develop a more professional personality.

Career scope after MBA in IT, Operations and information systems

As more and more information technology companies are setting up shops in India, they have an ever increasing demand for qualified IT professionals who also understand business and operations. This provides an opportunity for these MBA graduates to have a successful career within these multinationals. The career progression in these areas leads to the top most positions of Chief Operations Officer, Chief Technology Officer or Chief Information Officer in an organization. The growth also gets accelerated with additional qualification. Some of the career roles that graduates in MBA in IT, Operations and Information Systems can look forward to are:

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • Business development
  • System development and management
  • IT consulting
  • Operations Management
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Software sales
  • IT strategy
  • ERP consultant
  • QA manager
  • System Analyst


Many IT and ITES (Information technology enabled service) companies now have a foothold in India. Some of the MNC’s that offer career opportunities in this field In India are:

TCS, Cognizant, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, HP, IBM, Patni Computers, HCL, Microsoft, Oracle.

Many government organizations across industries such as research, education, IT, banking etc. also look for MBA graduates with specialized knowledge in IT and Operations

Another reason what makes MBA in IT /information systems lucrative is the opportunity it presents for individuals to travel the world. Most of the organizations have a global presence with their operations spread in different parts of the world. Therefore, many times, individuals get an opportunity to visit or relocate to other countries for work.

MBA in IT, operations, and Information Systems unlocks the possibility of the highest paying jobs in the market. Individuals in these fields have quite a fulfilling career and job satisfaction is high. The course provides a competitive edge to its students over those who only have a technical background in systems. MBA graduates need not only stick to writing codes and software programming, they can now look forward to augment their technical skills with managerial knowhow for a more accomplished and satisfying career.


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