Students develop an all in one application

All in one application developed a group of students from Rajalakshmi Engineering College. The app promises to students check their attendance and internal marks, solve aptitude questions and also network with their contemporaries in other colleges.

The app Athena was released a week ago , Developed by T.N. Tejas Naren, L.R. Sanjeevi and K. A. Shankar Siddharth of the computer science department.

The services of the app are not only limited to networking but also enables students to download notes, circulars, question banks and marks, as and when they are announced. The events happening in the college can also be notified to the students by the help of the app.

Another interesting feature about this app is that students can also buy and sell their used books among other college mates.

For Parents also the app is useful for staying updated for their wards performance and attendance.

A dedicated team will keep updating the app on the server regularly.

A part of the app can used by all the students who are not of the college because the app intends to develop a forum.College professors B.R. Gopi and B. Bhuvaneswaran have mentored the students on the project. They also encouraged the students for developing the app.

Source:The Hindu


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