Wisdom Village by ‘Edupreneurs’ of IIM-A

As it is rightly said by John Maxwell, A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. The saying goes right for these young minds of IIM (Indian Institute of Management) – Ahmedabad. Three students from IIM-A resist the lure of lucrative jobs to create what could be India’s Silicon Valley for education.


Silicon Village according to them is a place where all the education entrepreneurs, technology, products and services can work together. They possess a grand vision to create the ‘Edupreneur Village

What is Edupreneur Village-

They aim a structure that will change the future of Education from top to bottom both for profit and non-profit. The concept is to create an ecosystem of educational structures. The Edupreneur Village will focus on self-help, awareness about the needs of its potential users, mutual benefit among participants and self-generated sustainability at all levels of the pyramid. It is still a concept and needs further refinement over the next few years to come up with a structure for such a platform.

Like every other students, these students too had a dream of joining a professional. All of them had different dreams. Rahul had interest in strategy, Priyanshi wanted to be a consultant and Vignesh was inclined towards marketing. These were their interests before joining IIM. “However, the two years spent at IIM-A exposed us to other domains as well, and simultaneously we got interested in entrepreneurship. Ultimately, we decided to pursue entrepreneurship,” the students said.

While working towards their ultimate goal, the students plan to create products for education in the next one year. Right now, the students are strengthening their ideas at the school level by engaging children between 12 and 16 years.

“We came up with a leadership workshop module for children aged between 12 and 16 years. We chose this age group as we believed students in this age group have a burning desire to learn new things and can easily be moulded to be better leaders. We conducted the workshops in a few schools in Delhi and Ahmedabad,” the students said.

Source:Times of India


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