Common Mistakes to be avoided by Class X students for Social Science paper

  • Make sure dates of historical events are correct as they have straight markings
  • Don’t write lengthy answers as they will not fetch extra marks but waste your time 
  • Don`t write just for the sake of writing. Even if it is a lengthy answer, try putting in important details.
  • Don’t spend entire time on one section.Divide your time wisely so that you can attempt all sections.
  • Extra questions will not fetch extra marks.


How to attempt a question paper-

  • Number the answer correctly, Draw extra margin if required.
  • Before you try to answer a question, begin with the background of the event
  • Answer must be written in point form.In case of a detailed answer, give an introduction and a conclusion
  • Elaborate on each subheading in about four to five lines in point form.Underline important words.
  • Don’t leave any question unattended


Avoid Unforced Errors

  • Carelessness: Avoid silly mistakes.The examiner is not going to be lenient with wrong dates
  • Revision:During Revision time, students tend to overlook weak answers
  • Planning :How to go about answering the questions should be a stable and quick decision




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