How to Prepare for College Admissions Skype Video Interview?



Days are not far when College interviews will too be conducted on Skype or may be the trend has started. Online courses and online admissions pave a way to online admission views.

Are you ready for a 30 minutes skype session with the interviewer for your college admission?

Every admission interview must create an emotional connection between the interviewee and the interviewer. This does not mean you tell a sad story, far from it, but it does mean that you have to create a level of familiarity and like. You do this by knowing your subject better than any other interviewee. You know your specific goals and you know how the university can help you achieve those goals.

Tangible Must-haves: Not only do we create a feeling of understanding and need, but we drop real names and real organizations. This is a tangible in that it is proof that we know real things about the university. And we know exactly what will help us succeed. Success is, indeed, important when talking about why you want to go to a particular school.

Research your dream school before the interview: Knowing what you want and being able to go out and prove that the school can give it to you are two very different things. It is imperative that you get your facts straight. You can know about your dream school by Internet search or can even visit the campus. The other way to research about the college is to talk to an alumni or a current student.

Talk or write a mail to professors who are responsive or other staff members of the college who can help you.

Certain things you can do before the interview are as follows:

  • Try answering questions that are expected to be asked by the interviewer
  • Decide what to wear and how to dress
  • Computer, Webcam, Microphone Testing
  • Where to attend the interview from
  • How to handle technical glitch during the interview (power, internet connection, etc)
  • What document to have in front?
  • What questions to ask the interviewer?

Bonus Tip: Room Lighting

  • Lighting. Make sure there is a light that is located in front of you.
  • Don’t sit behind a window. Other person can’t see you’re clearly.
  • Sit in front of a window if you don’t have a good lighting in the room.
  • Other option is to have a table lamp setup on the table in front of you.

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