London School of Economics (LSE) announces scholarship for Indian students


LSE announces 40 scholarships for Indian students. The scholarship will be available for the students pursuing Masters’ programs at LSE, which are starting in 2014.

For claiming for scholarship, students will have to get themselves enrolled by 28th April, 2014. Once they fill admission form another form is to be filled up that is LSE Graduate Financial Support application form. A link to this will be sent to the candidate once LSE acknowledges receipt of application. The instructions given in the form has to be properly followed. The students who have already filled the admission form can also fill the form.

At present there are 327 Indian students at LSE, 265 graduate and 62 undergraduate. LSE has always attracted Indian students and this scholarship scheme is yet another step for the same.


LSE will inform the students if they have received the scholarship along with the amount via information published on the graduate application web tracker. Candidates with genuine financial need who do not acquire the scholarship will be considered for another award in June, 2014. Successful candidates will then be notified of the decision by the end of July, 2014.



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