MSc in Forensic Science

Banaras Hindu University introduces MSc in forensic science. Banaras Hindu University will be the first in the country to introduce a master’s course in forensic science in collaboration with a Hyderabad based laboratory and two foreign universities.

The course will be started from the next academic session 2014-15 (this year).The Department of Chemistry –BHU plays a major role in this endeavor. As many as 37 more department of the University will participate in this.

The good news is that the course will also be available online for the professionals from law, police, government and private investigating agencies. There will be no age limit for the online module of the course –Lalji Singh, Vice Chancellor of BHU. Lalji Singh played a major role in establishing the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) at Hyderabad under the department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

DNA fingerprinting and molecular diagnostics facility

The DNA fingerprinting and molecular diagnostics facility along with the forensic science study and research will give the region much needed investigative facility to provide forensic services, including DNA profiling, document verification, disputed fingerprints, cyber forensics and crime scene investigation, incident reconstruction, failure analysis, psychological evaluation and audio-visual identification and authentication.

Moreover, Faculty from International repute will also be invited to train faculty and other staff.

It will help for betterment of crime investigation scenario as there is acute dearth of such advance facilities not only in the region but across the country.

Source: Times of India



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