Simple and Powerful tips for Examination

Exam Time! We are all tensed aware of the stresses related to writing an exam these days. It might be an entrance exam or a scheduled test at your high school or college. After a night or several nights of cramming up your mind, while sleeping on coffee, it’s difficult to keep up while writing your paper. Here are some Simple and Powerful Exam tips to help you ace those tests.

Try to keep these exam tips in mind and implement them while writing your mock papers.

1.Read all the Questions. Make a Strategy.


A common mistake that all students make is that they run out of time. You spent all those months, weeks and sleepless nights preparing for this one exam. The last thing you want to know is that, you were unable to complete writing the paper. It gets worse if you knew all the remaining answers better than those that you have already answered. So before you pick up your pen and start running thinking it’s a sprint think of it as a marathon. Slow down, calm your nerves and read the entire question paper first. Make a Strategy and know how many minutes or seconds you can afford to spend per question. This is the best exam tip and advice that you will hear. It will assist you to get a better sense of time and ensure that you complete the entire paper.

2.Don’t just start. Stop and Think.


So here is what will happen – The instructor has just handed over the question paper to you. Like every other student you read the first question and think “Wow! I know this one”. You then start scrambling and scribbling with your pen, vomiting out the words you memorized in your notes last night. Suddenly, you realize that you spat out an entire page, that doesn’t really answer the question. You have not even started to mention the points that need to be covered.

Here is what to do-Take a deep breath, take your time. Read the question, twice maybe thrice. Mentally take a note of the points that need to be covered. In your head, chalk out how you will go about writing it and then begin. Seriously this is one of the best exam tips

3.Be Efficient. Write Less.


This might sound ridiculous, but it’s not. Picture this – There you are writing away to glory, thinking to yourself – “Oh the more I write the better” and “Why don’t I just scribble out the entire book”. You are thinking this will help you get a higher grade and more marks. Let me tell you that you are wrong!

Think of it from an Examiners point of view. Hypothetically, if the question is – “Who built The Taj Mahal?” and you are talking about how many rooms and the type of marble used in The Taj Mahal then you are way off-track.  Try to stick to the point and pick your words carefully. Try to use synonyms instead of repeating words. This is another strong exam tip.

4.Don’t look around and don’t panic

exam tips 3 india zing

It’s clear that you have spent all that time and energy preparing for your exam. A time might come when you come across a question and you don’t know what the answer is. The most natural reaction is to start sweating and you then you start snooping around. You probably notice that everyone’s writing so fast. Then it gets worse when you try to beat the answer out of your head.

 This is a solid exam tip – Stop Looking Around. It’s OK to not know 1 or 2 answers. The question might not even be of much importance, give it a pass and come back to it at the end. If you get held up on a small question you are surely loosing on time to answer the following ones, to which you may know the answers for.

5.Avoid Sugar at all costs


Sugar and everything that includes sugar this obviously includes your usual sweets, candy, chocolates, cakes, sodas, colas and even juices. To cut the long story short – Contrary to popular belief sugar does not help in concentration or energy levels, at all. This is a key exam tip.

Sugar digested in any form, causes a spike in the level of glucose and energy going to your brain. Do note that any spike up has to drop down. 10 Minutes into your exam and you will realize you are losing focus and you’re hungry again. Avoid this. Eat some healthy carbohydrates, like a sandwich, yogurt or a full meal which includes brown rice.


Enjoy writing Exam! All the best



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