Companies and b-school jointly offering management programmes: Winning Combination

Companies and B schools can jointly offer management programmes to students who want to study and also be assured of well-paying jobs.

The demand for management education in India is much larger than that of any other country including the U.S. By most estimates, about 2,50,000 Indians are seeking MBA degrees every year. It is no surprise that several schools have been started in the last six years to offer management education.

Earlier, the management courses which were offered for two years are revised and started being offered for one year PGDM. 

Part-time and Excecutive courses:

The part-time programme is offered to people who want to be in their jobs but still want to educate themselves. Traditionally, this segment offered the programme in the evenings. But given the fact that the bulk of the demand for this programme comes from people working in the IT industry and who start their work only by 6 pm in line with the U.S. time zone, the part-time programme could not be offered in the evenings, but over the weekend. The distance mode of delivery of the programme also catered to this group. The distance delivery mode comprised correspondence courses, online delivery using technology platforms such as the VSAT-based one-way delivery of audio, video conference based multi-way delivery in synchronous mode. Internet-based asynchronous programme delivery is another method.

More recently, given the introduction of MOOCs (massive online open courses) by several reputed B schools in the U.S., some providers of online technology platforms are partnering with Indian schools to attempt such an online programme.

Most of these programme providers, while focusing on the process and delivery, overlook the real need of the students which is to acquire well-paying jobs at the end of the programme.


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