College Admissions made easy

After schooling, there comes the turn of college admission.Getting into the desired college hence becomes a challenge for many.In many colleges an essay is required . For some students ,writing a quality essay is challenging.Because essays can make the difference between admission and rejection students should take care to create the most effective piece of writing.The quality of which is to be hence maintained.

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s that may help you-

1. Do write about your Personal qualities.

A college essay should provide admissions officers with greater insight to an applicant’s personality, strengths, and unique experiences. In order to convey these qualities, applicants should write in first person.Yes, you can write by starting an I. This is because the college essay is different from school assignment and the readers are expecting to read applicant’s personal qualities from his perspective.

2.Do Focus on specific examples 

Try mentioning information in detail and information that is different.Avoid generalisation and avoid using cliches. This may show your lack of creativity. To avoid these problems, students should focus each essay on a few specific examples. For example a student could write about one or two pivotal moments instead of listing every accomplishment in four years of an activity.

3.DO Focus on Writing Style

Content is only part of what admissions officers are looking for when they read college essays. They are also looking for writing style indicative of a student’s ability to complete college level work. Students should edit their essays with an eye to college-bound style including appropriate use of vocabulary, variety in sentence structure, and maturity in analysis.

4.DON’T copy Other Essays

Sitting down to write a college admissions essay can be intimidating. Many students read successful essays they find online to gather ideas and see the variety of styles and topics that successfully earned their writers offers of admission. This is not original.However, attempting to emulate any of these winning essays at the very least results in unoriginal work and in some cases verges on plagiarism. Great essays are great because they are unique. Emulating someone else’s style, experiences, and ideas can backfire and may not work.

5.DON’T Wait Until the Deadline to Begin

Writing and editing a quality essay takes time. Students who procrastinate will struggle to produce quality work. Students can begin work on college essays the summer before their senior year of high school. Most admissions deadlines are in the fall and winter, so if students don’t finish essays before school begins, they will be working on applications in addition to balancing homework and activities. Students should allow themselves a minimum of two weeks to write and revise an essay.To make an exception one should start early.

6.DON’T Do All Editing With Spellcheck

Spellcheck is a great tool, but it cannot correct all errors of grammar and usage. Students should take time to edit and may want to ask an English teacher or counselor to read over the final copy to check for errors.Spelling errors dont look good. For once grammatical errors can be avoided but making spelling error gives a negative impact.

Good essays can take time, but are also the key to gaining admission to colleges and specialized programs such as honors colleges. College essays provide applicants with an opportunity to express their unique strengths and talents not found elsewhere in their application for admission.


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