Education campaign for Women in UP organized by Google


Google has recently launched an Internet education campaign for five lakh women and girls across Uttar Pradesh.

Aim of the Program: The two month programme aims at making women and girls digitally literate.

Further, is a very helpful website launched by Google ie. Helping Women Get Online website which can be used to learn basics of internet and computer usage relevant to day-to-day life.

Women to get basic knowledge of computer and internet usage. “We strongly believe that Internet can benefit and transform the lives of women in Uttar Pradesh and India. With the launch of HWGO we aim to help over five lakh women and girls across Uttar Pradesh get digitally literate”, he said.

The campaign was launched last year in November with the objective of empowering women with the help of technology following which regional chapter of this campaign was launched. In the next two months Google will cover over 20 cities across the state and help women get online through road shows in residential areas and Internet training modules for girl students in educational institutes, he said.



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