Steps to create the right Career plan


In any walk of life, planning and preparation is always a better approach than simply crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. When it comes to your career this is even more important, as having a clear strategy and plan of action automatically motivates you. For some people going without planning may work but a lot of time is wasted if there is lack of purpose.

Some tips to plan your career better are given below-

(1)Assess your strength and weakness

Knowing yourself. Knowing your strengths and weakness helps a lot. It brings clarity as to which things you will be able to do and which things not. Moreover, try also to look for what your interests are. Try and take a good look at your personal skill set and qualifications. Then decide what type of work and company is best for you. Surprisingly enough a lot of people tend to drift into jobs and do not really have a career path that is structured around their individual strengths and weaknesses. As well as looking at the type of job, consider the type of company which best suits you. Are you suited to a large corporate firm, or a smaller, more entrepreneurial organisation? Do you like to work alone or is being part of a tight-knit team more up your street? These are all hugely important questions and can only be answered when you have analysed yourself as an individual.

(2) Know the market

Straight away stepping into things without the knowledge and the scope of your area is not a wise decision. Never wish go blindly moving jobs and industries. You should have a good idea of exactly what is required for you to be a success and what the opportunities for progression are. Look at whether there are additional industry qualifications that can help you move up the ladder and what the general salary is for different levels. You don’t want to end up in a situation where a job or industry is not how you expected it to be.

(3)Take some advice

Receiving advice from superiors, experts, counsellors, teachers, and professors will never go in vain. Start your career with a good and concrete plan. From a career perspective, it makes sense to speak to someone who knows you in a professional sense. They will have a good idea of your abilities and can give you a vital nudge in the right direction.

(4)Set targets and goals

Set a master goal as well as set up targets and goals for every step. Think this way I will start my career this way. Then I will take up this way. I will always assess whether I have achieved my personal goals and if not, I will look at the reasons why. Personally, I would look to move my career forward every 18 months to two years. This could either be a promotion, new responsibilities or a change of scenery. If your career has not moved forward for a number of years, then you need to ask yourself why that is the case.

(5) A Positive Mental Attitude

Most importantly of all it is vital to maintain a positive attitude at all times. I am not talking about blind optimism, but if you do not have faith in your own abilities then you stand no chance of convincing other people to place their faith in you. As they say, confidence is king.


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