Of writing a good Resume & C.V

A resume or a C.V (Curriculum Vitae) play a major role in getting the job as it contains all the important information of the candidate.


Resume and C.V– There is a little difference between the two. A resume and a CV differ in length. Resumes are generally very short & summarized (one or two pages) whereas CVs are more detailed. In other words, CVs give you lot of scope for story telling but resumes do not. The general format of a resume also differs from that of a CV.

‘How to make a sharp, effective & a comprehensive Resume / CV’ is one question that has troubled / provoked intense thinking amongst a large chunk of today’s working & studying population. This essentially includes students, college pass outs & working professionals, just too broadly categorize.

A simple google search can give 1000s of results but actually there is no rocket science behind preparing good resume. There is no need of lots of jargons.

Following is the procedure how to prepare a good C.V-

The Layout: The layout / template should be

– Simple

– Not flashy

– Looks professional

– Has only black and white colors (Unless of course you are designing a design portfolio which is a different game altogether) 



Personal details/Career Goal/Career Objective

Be very crisp, smart and try to occupy minimum space on the page where your personal details go. In terms of positioning it -you could do it either at the top or at the bottom. The current trend is to mention it right at the top as it provides easy visibility.

When writing your career goal/career objective please DO NOT copy paste a fancy quote from the internet. Your farce will be caught in a jiffy.  It is called career objective and not career subjective- for a good reason.

Spend some time and come up with something that best describes your views. It will be easier for you to explain/defend your position because then you would know exactly why those words are on your CV.


Achievements and Career Experience/History

  • Anything and everything that you consider to be your achievement must find a mention here, provided you are absolutely crystal clear as to why that particular thing is an achievement. Achievements need not be only examples of public glory or display- they could simply also be something; which gave you tremendous satisfaction personally.
  • Career history/experience must be to the point too. Do the following with these:
  • Mention clearly the time frames that you were associated with various jobs/companies in the past.
  • Clearly outline you job role and your responsibilities along with company name and designation details.
  • Avoid writing at length. I would suggest that you should write in points keeping in mind all the above parameters. Modern format is ‘Recent to the Oldest’ in chronology of writing.



  • Be Precise. Clearly state the name of the degree, college, year /batch along with your CGPA or percentage, whichever is applicable. Avoid use of unnecessary big tables, smart bullet points. When drafted well; it should do the trick for you.
  • If there are some other worthy qualification that you possess, then you must enlist the same under a separate heading “Other Qualifications”, to make sure that they get due attention. The mantra still remains the same, be short -be crisp.

Hobbies and Interests– Only one golden rule applies here. If you are 100% sure that you can answer all questions when quizzed about something that you call it as your hobby then go ahead and write that under “HOBBIES” else it is always a safe bet to bracket them as interest areas so that you allow yourself an escape route as well. Try & ‘Be Specific’, when writing hobbies.


Be very careful about the kind of words and language that you use in your resume. Just like the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the way you behave; the words and the language you use are an extension of your own personality and you would not want to play with it at any cost or leave an impression which is just not you. So use them preciously and judiciously.


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