Probability of Degrees to take shape at IIM


Presently, IIMs do not provide degree. The reason is the IIMs do not provide degree as they do not fall under this category of University. The pass-outs from this prestigious get a Diploma for the program not a degree. Officials at the premier management institutes of India are eagerly waiting for the polls to get over as the decision on the proposed Bill in the Parliament is likely to be taken after the new government is formed.

If passed, the Bill would ensure that the post graduates and five-year (Integrated Programme in Management) IIM pass-outs from the prestigious institute get a degree and not just diploma or certificate. IIM- Indore is the only one among 13 IIMs to offer 5-year IPM (Integrated Programme in Management).

IIM-Indore Director Rishikesha T Krishnan told TOI, “At government level, there is a proposal to enact an IIM Act, which will be applicable to all 13 IIMs in the country. Once it is passed, IIMs will be able to provide degrees of their own. We will also be able to provide degrees to our students at Dubai centre then.”

The process seems to be time consuming as the bill has to be passed in India where there are 13 IIMs and Dubai. As the Director further continued, “However, the whole process may take some time. We will have to wait for the new government to take office and if and when they pass the legislation, we will be able to give degrees for all our programmes in India as well as in Dubai.”

Getting a Diploma in place of Degree is sometimes not that helpful to the students, for example, in abroad, students face problem in pursuing Ph.D courses. In India too, there is problem in getting a government job. “PGDM is not recognized at many places abroad and students face problems while pursuing PhD. A degree would ensure better job prospects for IIM students. It will enable them to apply for government jobs and pursue higher education at any place of their choice,” said Ankur Jain, a second-year PGP student at IIM-Indore. Students are upbeat over the developments.


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