Bachelors of Business Management (BBM)-Course Overview

BBM aims to cover business management as well as human relations skills. A business management student is expected to learn management as well as efficiently work in teams. For working efficiently with others, the person must possess knowledge about business and should possess good inter-personal skills.

Therefore course covers many aspects of General Management. Students enrolled in Bachelor of Business Management degree programs are imparted general education courses aimed at preparing them for leadership roles. Coursework includes topic areas such as marketing, business law, communications, human resources, finance and accounting. Coursework in global business is included in many programs, whereby students get exposure to the challenges faced in dealing with international clientele. Yes, International Business related subjects also are included.

General Business Management degrees are offered by some schools, while specializations in fields such as Human Resource Management or Real Estate are allowed in others. Admissions require high schooling as a must


Coursework is devised to introduce business topics to students through classes such as an introduction to business, and finance principles. Practical and theoretical aspects of business are taught next, including courses such as accounting and business ethics. Internship opportunities are involved in many programs and are aimed at providing students with hands-on experience in real-world settings. Coursework may include subject areas such as:

  • Researching and writing reports
  • Supply side marketing
  • Workplace diversity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business law
  • International business

Career Choices

Those who graduate from a Bachelor of Business Management degree program can seek entry-level careers in supervisory roles within numerous industries. Some graduates may want to start their own business enterprises. Graduates may choose from possible career options such as:

  • Marketing manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Sales manager
  • Business consultant
  • Professional Certification and Continuing Education Choices

Graduates can pursue continued education by earning master’s degrees in Business Administration or Business Management. Schools offer terminal degrees in the form of doctoral programs that may be pursued by individuals interested in teaching careers at universities or advanced professional positions. Those who wish to pursue professional education, such as law school, can use a Bachelor of Business Management degree as the first step in the direction.


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