CBSE asks online feedback on its Open Book Assessment Scheme

Recently, CBSE that has introduced Open-Text Based Assessment (OTBA ) scheme for classes IX and XI this academic year. CBSE has asked for a feedback from schools and colleges for the same.

The feedback is asked not only to the teachers. The questionnaire is available for all; students, teachers, principal, parents or others and asks feedback about how helpful the OTBA scheme has been in making students think out of the box, ‘beyond the syllabus’. It also  ask feedback on how challenging it has been so far for students and if they think it is apt to extend the system to other subjects and other classes among others. The form for the feedback is available on the official website of CBSE.

The CBSE Class 9 and Class 11 exams are underway and some students have already attempted the OTBA questions. The system has been introduced for English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Science for Class 9th and for Geography, Economics and Biology for Class 11th.

The CBSE OTBA pattern has been introduced to encourage application based learning where students will use their analytical and logical reasoning, information processing and critical thinking skills to answer questions based on study material provided during the exam itself. The CBSE material will include diagrams, data, charts and illustrations and will also relate to recent events. With the studying material being provided during the exam itself, the goal is to reduce rote learning. It has been introduced to give the examinees relief from conventional ‘mugging up’ practices.

The academic community earlier was in two views regarding the CBSE plan for OTBA, while some encourage the premise of more application based learning as compared to rote learning others point out that Teachers and Students are not used to the OTBA pattern yet.

CBSE is planning to launch the Open Text Based Assessment pattern for Class 10th and Class 12th as well. Aimed to launch by March 2015, all Class 10th subjects and a few selected subjects for Class 12th will have OTBA as a part of their Board exams.


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