Ernakulum government seats will be government seats only

Government Medical College, Ernakulam, formerly known as Cochin Medical College, government has stated that all the seats for 2014-15 courses will be government seats.

Looking at the controversies arising towards MBBS the college decided to make all seats under government quota.

Kerala state government health secretary K Elangovan said that all the seats in the Medical College will only be government seats. When the prospectus for 2013 admissions was prepared, the Cochin Medical College was in the cooperative sector. Therefore, the prospectus did not have details with regard to MBSS seats under the government quota.

The government has taken over the medical college, the Entrance Commissioner has been asked to make the necessary changes. The issue came up recently since the government did not come out with clear instructions regarding the status of MBBS seats after the medical college was taken over.

There was confusion in the status of the seats even with the State Government announcing MBBS/engineering entrance exam from April 23. Till last year, the admissions to the college were conducted through the self-financing mode


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