New syllabus for Madhyamik Board since 2015

New Madhyamik syllabus likely to come in 2015 to reduce the disparity between the marks of the students Madhyamik Board and its other national counterparts because the difference in the marks of Madhyamik Board and other boards has always been a matter of concern.

The proposed new syllabus of IX and X will be submitted by Aveek Mazumdar and committee on April 10th. Proposals will be sent to the school education department and the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education for a final nod. Changes are likely to be implemented from 2015-2016 session,” said a school department official.

Other changes– To encourage students to take up Madhyamik curriculum and also to reduce stress, the committee has suggested awarding students full marks in language subjects like English, Bengali and others. They have even proposed to give part marks if students follow the method correctly even if the answer is wrong. Similarly, a correct answer but an erroneous process will earn them some marks, if not full.

New Approach toward the Paper pattern

“Knowledge is reflected in marks. That’s the approach even in competitive examinations. Multiple choice (MCQ) or short answer type questions are the method followed by public exams. Hence the approach towards giving text-based questions is mandatory. The students are tired of answering the same sort of questions. We will have to replace questions that encourage essay type writings to more concept- and application-based ones,” said a syllabus reforms committee member.

There is a plan to replace essay type long questions with MCQs and short questions. “We will propose to introduce MCQs and short answers in place of essay-type questions. It will reduce excessive dependence on private tuitions. The MCQs will encourage text reading. Suggestion books that sell like hot cakes at present will have no takers then,”- further added by the committee member.

New subjects to be included– To bridge the gap in syllabi between classes IX and X and classes XI and XII, the committee has suggested introducing portions of political science in history. Similarly, consumer affairs will be included in the science syllabus from class IX onwards. “We have also decided to include portions of economics in geography,” said a source.

Changes in the grading system– Replacing the existing 10 marks oral examination in each subject, the committee may suggest introduction of project work or even grading a student for his performance in class throughout the year.


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