CBSE OTBA receives a mixed feedback

Recently, CBSE has implemented open text-based assessment exam for Classes IX and XI for which CBSE asked feedback from schools, colleges and teachers as well as students. The students of the current session 2013-14 were the first batch to take this exam.

The system receives a mixed response as some teachers have reported saying that the system has brought down the overall percentage for every student while some say it was helpful.=The exam had a section which included high order thinking skills questions consisting of 10 marks. This section requires the students to analyse situations given in a report or they are required to draw conclusions from them.

The teachers pointed out that the students who are fond of reading are the only ones that can score well. For the rest, it is not easy to read four pages and then answer a question.On the other hand, some teachers appreciated the system saying that it is a progressive concept that will act as an aid in bringing the students out of the rote learning culture. Some believe that this system will help in developing high order thinking skills. It is much more vital than just cramming.

CBSE Regional Officer R J Khanderao said that CBSE had introduced the system after a study analysis showed that students can be made to apply their abilities of creative thinking and to further express their ideologies by answering tricky questions. The CBSE wanted students to be into system which is application based and logical. The OTBA system is at the preliminary stage, which is why the CBSE has asked for feedback from all affiliated schools. On the basis of the feedback, the board might initiate steps to extend the system for other classes as well. Every school is supposed to send their feedback by March 25.He added that those who have a habit of mugging the answers will have to pull up their socks in order to score well in this system.


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