Online exams for the first time at Mumbai University and the results shock students

Results shock students, Mumbai University cites time factor

Mumbai: This was the first time when Mumbai University had adopted the online exams for its Engineering students across branches. The exams were conducted in November-December 2013 and the results have shocked the students.

The errors in the assessment of engineering exam papers occurred as many answer sheets were not scanned properly and were rejected by the examiners on grounds of poor resolution.

This problem was detected early in the first semester results when the University had tried to change the system and take precautions for this semester. The dean of technology, SK Ukrande, had earlier told TOI that the results for semester VII were delayed as they wanted to avoid a recurrence of the problem. Though the numbers of students affected is not as high as that in the first year, the stress on the affected students can’t be underestimated, said a principal.

Another principal said that there were answer sheets which were sent physically to the colleges towards the end of assessment process, to ensure that no students are marked absent and results should be uploaded on time. “The university was under tremendous pressure to declare the results soon as they were already delayed. This was the first year for online assessment and the whole idea of the new system was to declare the results on time,” said the principal.

The controller of exams, Padma Deshmukh, said, “It is an ongoing process. We are uploading the results of these affected students as and when they are assessed. Individual results will be put up online as and when their papers are assessed physically.” Ukrande said that the numbers are not very high and that the university was just ensuring the results were declared soon without much delay. “We could not have held back the results for long,” he said.



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