524 IIM pass-outs to contribute INR 200 every month for lifetime towards the scholarship of students

AHMEDABAD: Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) graduates have pledged Rs 200 per month towards a newly created student’s scholarship fund on the very day of their convocation or passing out ceremony.

Let us see what the new director of IIM-A, Ashish Nanda has to say for this

“All graduating students of IIMA have pledge their contribution towards scholarship fund” said Ashish Nanda, Director, IIM-A at a sideline of its annual convocation. As for now, it’s a lifetime commitment done by the students. He further added that an annual corpus of Rs 14 lakh would be created with a monthly contribution of Rs 200 from each of the 524 IIMA graduates that got pass-out on Saturday. He also ruled out any possibility of fee hike this year, at their board meeting

The step is taken by Ashish Nanda, as he supports new ways to generate financial support for the institution and its students.

About Ashish Nanda – Ashish Nanda, a Harvard Law School professor who was appointed last year after a global hunt that took nearly 10 months, has recently initiated his pet project – infrastructure naming rights. Responding to a query on the response of its naming rights projects, Mr Nanda said “We had received excellent response from Industry”. However, he would divulge the details at later stage.

Under the infrastructure naming rights or just naming rights project, any company or individual donors looking to get their names on a building at IIMA, could do by donating a certain amount as per the terms agreed between the two. Amongst, IIMs, the Ahmedabad’s IIM will be the first to give out naming rights in an organized format, thus emulating a fund raising method that’s well established overseas.

 A total of 524 graduating students of IIMA’s Post Graduate and Fellow programmes received diploma/title on its 49th annual convocation held at its Ahmedabad campus. Mr Anand Mahindra, CMD, Mahindra & Mahindra was the chief guest and delivered the convocation address insisting the new generation of IIMA graduates to take risk and venture out more towards entrepreneurship rather than choosing cozy conventional jobs. “Move out of the comfort zone” was advice of Mr.Mahindra 

Source :Economictimes


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