History lessons will be taught outdoors for CBSE students

This seems to be interesting !


CHANDIGARH: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has asked its affiliated schools to take students on excursions to historical sites to make studying history more interesting.

A CBSE official said: “This has been done keeping in mind that the subject is normally not considered very interesting. History, if taught by taking students near historical monuments and sites, will become fascinating. This move will be of assistance to students and they will be able to study in an enhanced manner. It will also help students do well in projects.”

Rakesh Sachdeva, principal, DAV Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 15, and CBSE exams counsellor, echoed similar sentiments: “Visual contact has a different impact on students. For example, if we talk about a monument mentioned in the history book and take them on a visit to the structure, it will be really interesting and easy to learn facts about it.” She added, “Expenses do not matter if the kid is learning something out of it”.

Students and parents too appreciated the board move.

Aditi Singh, a Class IX student of Hansraj Public School, said: “It’s easier to see the places than cram textbooks. It is going to be a great experience to see the places and monuments. It would seem as if the pictures and words would come out and present themselves in the form of historical places.”

Jitender Verma, whose child is admitted to a CBSE-affiliated school, said: “It’s a good step by the CBSE. I won’t mind paying money for the excursion. My child would learn something in a more interesting manner. And if the school plans trips in groups, the fun would be doubled.”

Some feel that the subject could be made more interesting through video clips and plays. Amita Khurana, principal, Shishu Niketan School, Sector 22, said,” Since the board has now asked schools to conduct these trips, the subject will get more interesting. But there are various other options as well like video clippings or movie. As we have smart schools here, we should take advantage of that”.

R J Khanderao, regional officer, CBSE, said, “Our students would be taken to these places and explained in detail about their historical significance. We have to take students on outdoor visits so that they can have a clear picture.”



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