IIT- Kharagpur announces short term courses with tutelage of International Faculty

Students enrolling at IIT-Kharagpur seem to be lucky as IIT Kharagpur is now offering students of other colleges a chance to study at the elite institute under the tutelage of an international faculty.

The environment seems to be ideal for making new friends while studying various subjects.

Schedule:- The International Summer and Winter Term (ISWT) will run each year during May-July and December, IIT Kharagpur officials said.

By bringing together participants and faculty from India and abroad, the program will not only be academically stimulating but also offer an opportunity to make new friends and interact with about 30 international experts, they said.

Subjects: – These subjects are designed around current and multi-disciplinary themes of science, engineering, management and law, the officials said, adding, the duration of each course is of two weeks or ten working days with a judicious blend of lectures and tutorials per day.

They said participants can be even from the industry and research organizations.

Students registered for these courses will have the opportunity to obtain additional academic credits based on evaluation and grading process, they added.



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