Delhi University to launch app for students and teachers

Delhi University (DU) is all set to launch a helpline – 1065 for students to help them in reporting their complaints when the teachers are not attending the classes or if the students face any other problem at the college.

DU also plans to launch a mobile app for teachers. According to news report, with the help of this app, teachers can register their leave(s) in place of giving a call to the department or the Principal or putting up an application for the same.

According to a source from DU, “A teacher can inform the college about his leave by updating it on the app by 9.30am. Following this, the app will deliver a message to the college principal and to the students.”

DU has also planned to introduce software which will help teachers with uploading their timetables which will be directly linked to the University and college websites.

As per a member of DU committee, the helpline will be functional from the next academic year onwards.

“If a teacher is absent frequently, or a large number of complaints are received against a particular teacher or on any other issue, an inquiry will be instituted. And if the teacher is found guilty, action will be taken against him/her or the college. This, however, does not mean that any random complaint will lead to an inquiry,” added the source.

Many teachers of DU who are already against the feedback of students and the introduction of the code of professional ethics, are against this initiative. They have termed these as “draconian” measures. As per the University’s sources, the biometric attendance of teachers is also expected to be implemented from the academic session of 2014-2015.


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