Germany is the next career destination for Indian students


Germany opens career option for Indian students and researchers

Apart from USA, UK and Australia which are the most popular study destinations for Indian students, Germany is also inviting Indian students for studies and research.

There was a roadshow organized for improving Indo-German relations and to strengthen the research collaboration by providing a platform to Indian researchers in Germany.

German Research Foundation (DFG) – The German House for research and innovation, which started functioning in India in 2012, and the German Research Foundation (DFG) are now promoting academic synergies between the two countries.

The future looks bright for the students of India in Germany. Moreover, the students can work after completion of their studies. The earlier students go there, the better it is. As the official says- Dorothea Wagner, DFG vice president mentioned that according to the new rules applied by German government, Indian students can stay in Germany and work after completing their studies. She also advised Indian students to opt for career in Germany at an early stage of education for better future. She also mentioned that there are lots of opportunities for students studying humanities or medicine as well.

The road show seems to be interesting. The road show had talks on theatre, music, energy, technology and panel discussion on Tagore meets Einstein. Several institutes like Max Plank Institute, University of Cologne, University of Heiderlberg, Georg-August-Universitat, Freie Universitat were present at the road show along with German agencies DAAD and GIZ.


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