Mumbai University exams postponed due to Elections

NEW DELHI: Private educational institutions have finally emerged as competitors to government-run institutions of higher learning.

While the Indian Institutes of Technology collectively retain the top slot in terms of filing patents, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh is ranked second, ahead of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

The IITs together filed 205 patents in 2012-13, Amity—a private player—filed 140.

Altogether, 534 patents were filed by the top 10 Indian applicants in the category of institutes and universities, and of these, 197 were from private institutions. In fact, of the 17 institutes and universities that share the top 10 positions in terms of patents, six are private players.

Annual report of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, Trademarks and Geographical Indications

Besides these findings, the annual report of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, Trademarks and Geographical Indications, Government of India for 2012-13 shows an upward trend in the filing of intellectual property applications—from 36,812 in 2008-09 to 43,674 in 2012-13. Although there is significant gap between patents filed and granted, the institution-wise growth indicates increase in research activities as well.

Although the top two positions have remained the same for both years Amity has recorded a 23% growth in filing whereas there is only a marginal growth of around 2% for the IITs. 

Indian Institute of Science has also shown a significant growth by filing 31 patents, as against 14 in 2011-12.

Amity chancellor Atul Chauhan said the university has promoted research in the past three years by investing Rs 30 crore in its UP campus.

“We have more patents than anyone in the country. Amity has been focusing on IRP and patents for faculty. In the past three years, we have filed more than 550 patents. Our students are also engaged in research with 40 patents filed by them. The areas include nanotechnology, nuclear science, microbiology and forensic science,” said Chauhan.

“We are happy that we have started a wave of research. Research was taking a backseat, which is the reason why none of the Indian universities are in the top 100 global rankings,” – Chauhan


Some of the patents Amity has filed are:

  • “An electrostatic process for the preparation of thin films of carbon nanotubes, their functionalization and use as gas/vapor sensors”,
  • “Easy distinction of bacillus cereus group amongst the industrially important bacillus strains”,
  • “A nanomaterial-based culture medium for microbial growth enhancement”


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