Half of the JEE applicants of this year are Quota candidates


Mumbai: The exam, to be conducted by the CBSE, selects students for engineering colleges across the country and is a qualifying test for the advanced exam on the basis of which admissions to the IITs take place.

Almost half of the candidates who will write the JEE-main exam this year belong to the reserved quota.

The competitive exams are generally attempted by different categories of the people like Open class and SC. The caste composition of JEE-main candidates has dramatically changed over the last three years. This year, out of 13.57 lakh applicants, 4.7 lakh are OBC, 1.36 lakh are SC and 56,000 are ST, totalling about 6.7 lakh reserved category candidates; the number of general category applicants is 6.9 lakh.

“This year, an almost equal number of open and reserved category students will write the exam. The number of OBC candidates is rising and we feel their performance is improving with each passing year,” said a CBSE official. While in 2011, OBC candidates made up a little more than 20% of the pool of applicants, this time their share is 35%. “Moreover, there may be several OBC candidates within the general category pool as they may belong to the creamy layer.

We have noticed over the years that several OBC candidates win for seats from within the general category and do not need reservation,” said an IIT faculty member.

Gender composition: The gender breakup of candidates has also undergone change, with more girls applying for the exam: 3.63 lakh girls, or nearly 27% of the total applicants, a percentage higher than before.

Date of Exam:The exam will be conducted in paper-pen mode on April 6 and computer mode on April 9, 11, 12 and 19. Like last year, most candidates have chosen the paper-pen mode: 11.85 lakh. Merely 1.72 lakh have chosen the electronic mode.



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