Making his parents feel proud-Bangalore boy wins scholarship from 12 top varsities


Sudhanshu Nath Mishra, 18, from Bangalore has been chosen for part or full scholarship from 12 top universities from across the world, including three Ivy League institutes, MIT and Cambridge, for the next academic year. Scholarship offers range from Rs 27 to Rs 36 lakh a year. Carrying a folder with offer letters from these universities, Sudhanshu winked: “I haven’t yet decided where to join.

The boy, originally from Odisha and son of a doctor and an IIT engineer, completed Class 10 from National Public School, HSR Layout, and applied for Computer Science in these universities. The one he couldn’t crack was Harvard.

Later, he joined for an IIT-integrated programme at AECS Magnolia Maruti Public School, Bannerghatta Road. Having completed Class 12 with 93.2%, Sudhanshu took a one-year break. “It was a bridge year. I was getting suffocated in school. My passion was basketball. I wanted to do research, work on products and spend time playing. I wanted a year off to pursue these,” he said. An excellent score in Class 12, a shocking one-year break to indulge in basketball and do products research, and then the good news.

Being academically strong, Sudhanshu has great passion for basketball and product engineering. Passion for products engineering was so high that when his basketball teammates would snatch his water bottle and empty it out, he thought of making a helmet that can store water. “I drew up a design and sent it to my dad, who was in the US. He was impressed,” he recalled.

After all this, lately, Sudhanshu was found busy with interviews. According to him, interviews by Cambridge and US varsities were different. Looks like Cambridge universities wanted to know his technical aptitude while US wanted to know his personal choices. While Cambridge had him crack nearly 20 sums in an hour, the US varsities’ queries were more about his personal quest. “One of them wanted to know my epitaph. I said: ‘Cheerful and unconventional’.”

His Aspirations:

Sudhanshu aspires to return to India after studies. “I want to start my firm that gives me freedom. I want to work towards solutions to many of India’s nagging problems,” he said.

The one year gap brought by the student looked unusual. “New-generation children are both confident and aggressive. It’s important to have a classroom-playground balance. When he brought up one-year-gap idea, I was unsure. Friends and parents put pressure (on him). I was worried he was too much into basketball. But he managed to convince me with his idea.” — Rajesh Ram Mishra, VP, Wipro. Seems that all were convinced by his ideas.

MIT, Georgia Tech, University of Cambridge, Yale University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California Berkeley, Rice University, Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California Los Angeles, and Harvey Mudd College calling Sudhanshu.



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