JNU gets Rs 60cr for research for UGC


NEW DELHI: According to a daily newspaper, UGC has granted JNU the status of University with Potential for Excellence (UPE) and has given it Rs 60 crore for focused research and infrastructure development.

The UGC on April 1 wrote to JNU saying the grant is to be utilized on two major research areas – life sciences, social sciences and humanities.

A part of the fund is also to be utilized for infrastructure development including building of research laboratories. “We are also supposed to utilize the funds for improving the instrumentation facilities, library upgradation, network connectivity, outreach programmes. A part of the fund will also be used to fund participation by faculties and students in national and international conferences,” – vice chancellor, S K Sopory.

The UGC team of experts visited JNU earlier this year and studied its proposals.

Further it was reported earlier that UGC had chosen four colleges for the `College of Excellence’ award. It has been reported that four Jesuit colleges; Loyola Chennai, St Joseph’s-Bangalore, St Xavier’s-Kolkata and St Xavier’s-Mumbai have been selected for the college of excellence award.



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