Fifth Convocation at IIM-Shillong


IIM Shillong situated in NorthEast is the youngest B-school of the IIM family. IIM-Shillong is all set to celebrate its fifth convocation this time.

According to the news, the event host will be Madan Mohanka, chairman and MD of TEGA Industries Limited, as the chief guest. Jahar Saha, former director of IIM-Ahmedabad, will be the guest of honor.

It was reported that The institute will also facilitate one of its young achievers, Vineet Jain. Living in Mumbai’s Borivali area, Vineet has earned four degrees. He has CS, CA, CFA degrees and is an MBA graduate from IIM Shillong.

“He is perhaps the youngest student to have achieved so many degrees at his age,” an IIM spokesperson said.

He completed company secretaryship (CS) at the age of 21, chartered accountancy (CA) at the age of 22, and is an MBA holder at the age of 25, including CFA from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst, USA.


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