No need to Remember timetable for IIT students


The new IITians will not have to worry about their timetable or keep hunting around for their classrooms. All they will need to remember is their roll numbers.

The relaxation to the students is given by the two Second year students of IIT Gandhinagar – Shashank Pareta and Abhishek Verma -have created an application for smartphones called ‘NexClass’ that will not only inform the students of their next class. Not only will the application inform about the next class, it will also guide the student to reach the specific classroom.

 All what the student will have to do is to install the app in the phone and enter his/her roll number.

The app instantly notes the hour of the day and shows when and where the next class is, along with the name of the course. Upon swiping to the next screen, a map showing directions from the user’s real-time location to their classroom pops up.

“When we joined IIT-Gn, we had a hard time remembering the names of the courses, the names of the teachers, and their faces. It is not a small campus and there is a large faculty. It was not an easy task to locate our classrooms either. So we decided to design an app to solve this issue for our juniors who will join IIT-Gn in 2014,” said Pareta, a student of mechanical engineering.

Moreover, the app will also help new students remember names and faces of the faculty. The good thing about the app is that it works offline as well.

“The best part about the app is that it works off-line as well. So once it has been installed on a phone, the user does not even require an internet connection to use the app,” said Verma, a student of chemical engineering.

How both students created the app– The duo read online material on software programming and application design to create the app, which is only 5mb in size.

The application covers roll numbers and data for second, third and fourth year BTech students and those pursuing MTech, MSc and PhD programmes.

“We will make this app available to all students on the campus so that they can catch up with their routine for every new session,” Pareta said.


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