Jobs providing maximum satisfaction



You have all amenities around you but you don’t have a job that you love. You come home stressed and totally dissatisfied by your work. What is the use of building a house of gold and buying a gold bed to sleep on if peace does not exist within? Here’s a list of the most satisfying professions across the globe:

  1. Author

Yes, an Author! An author lives a new life every single day, in the world of their own. Writing gives them peace and strength. It is one of the professions that allow you to express your views without much constraint. “Writing is not just a talent; it is an extension of strengths”. You are required to string together words in a way that it creates a beautiful necklace of thoughts. The words are a powerful expression of thoughts that can stir a whirlwind of emotions. A well knitted fictional character can make you smile, can take you miles.


  1. Artist

These people are all the ones who stay happy. Artist does what his heart desires. This is the profession that aptly proves how job satisfaction and money are the two sides of the same coin i.e. they are mutually proportional. Creativity, Flexibility, Freedom is all availed by an artist to paint the canvas of his own life. Closed in a room when the imagination of an artist becomes the universe, the rest of the world goes missing out. Painting comes as a way to colour one’s own life too.


  1. Teacher

Teaching is one of the profession where the success of the student is the success of the teacher. The satisfaction derived by seeing one’s student reaching heights is unbeatable. Teaching includes many aspects of mentoring also. However, the process of showing a path to someone, to enlighten a soul, to make them self-aware leads to an unparallel bond. This is the profession with maximum job security, even at the time of recessions; a teacher’s job is pretty secure. It is a profession that earns not only money but lot of respect as well.


  1. Psychologist

 Being one of the most fascinated careers on the planet, Psychology uncovers the mysterious or unfolded chunks of a human’s life. The amount of joy received from uncovering the reasons behind one’s attitude is simply beyond words to explain. Though it is a job that requires a lot of patience, but patience pays off.


  1. Social Worker

 To find happiness in someone else’s happiness, to improve the quality of one’s life, to help the underprivileged grow, to safeguard their rights and to support them through difficult times is the work of a social worker. Needless to say, the amount of satisfaction derived from extending a helping hand to God’s creations provides the satisfaction that cannot be matched at all.


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