Students enrolling at IGNOU triples this year


IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) – Nagpur expanding study centers and innovation brings a new turn. The enrollment rates have increased this year are triple compared to last year.

Compared to last year, the institute has tripled its enrollment. Last academic year, the number was 700 students which has now increased to 2,012 students.

The University will hold its 27th convocation on 16th April.

It seems as if there has been lots of improvements made in the recent years in the system. “In the last five years of our operations in Nagpur, we have constantly strived to enhance the quality of services provided. It is now not just about giving a degree or education but about lending a helping hand for employment. IGNOU went to the most remote areas of Gadchiroli and reached out to tribals there. Students enrolled for a specific certificate course and that has now enabled them to get employment in hospitals.”- said IGNOU’s regional director P Sivaswaroop.

On one hand the study centres of IGNOU are also increasing and moreover, the number of students enrolling is also increasing. “We started with 10 centres and now the figure has touched 48. These will keep on increasing as more and more people are keen on upgrading their education,” he further said.

According to Sivaswaroop, Innovating and adapting to the needs of modern students have been the key to success. On convocation day, at New Delhi, Sivaswaroop will be receiving a national gold medal for innovation in open and distance learning. “This is a prestigious award among all state open universities and distance education centres of conventional varsities. The medal is being given in recognition for the job placement and vocational courses provided to Gadchiroli tribal students, and for innovative concept in learner support services in distance education,” said Sivaswaroop.


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