Career in Computers



All the fields are not appropriate for everyone. Many young children have the dream of entering the computer science field. But, the fact is that it is a field that will not suit all. If you are a student interested in solving mathematical problems and puzzles, then you will probably enjoy computer programming.

If you think that this field will suit you, here are the five steps that can launch your career in this industry:

1. Mathematics in high school: Do you know that computer programs largely depend on algebra with functions and variables? Even sometimes, some computer programs will need linear algebra, calculus and trigonometry knowledge. So, at your high school level you should take up mathematics as a subject. Even, you can take up computer courses separately or join a course with both mathematics and computers as the main subjects.

2. Computer science in college: Even though, some people can get a programming job with an associate degree or high school diploma, most of the employers look for degree holders. You can take up the computer science degree course in any country.

3. Learn a programming language used in the industry: If you have interest in a particular programming language, it is better to improve your knowledge in that language and the more you practice, the better you will be able to create programs. So, when you decide to take up a computer science degree course, check whether the course has the particular language taught as one among the many subjects offered under the course.

4. Warm up project: The best institutions generally need their students to take up projects and these projects can give you the right kind of practice and you can also judge your knowledge in the particular programming language of your interest. So, taking up this type of warm up project can help in your career. Even you can try to take up projects individually.

 5. Entry-level position: When you apply for your first job, you will get an entry-level position with a lesser pay only. Use this as the great foundation for your high paying career in the future and learn as many things as possible from your first job. Also, keeping yourself updated is highly important to flourish in this field.

So, you can very well choose this booming field, but do not forget to find whether you are really interested in such a career.


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