New Leadership Programme at the Doon School


Some understand a leader as somebody whom people follow, who guides them or directs them while some define leaders as “organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal”. However, Leadership is very essential and the traits of Leadership lies in a few.

Studies of leadership have produced theories involving traits, situational interaction, function, behavior, power, vision and values, charisma, and intelligence, among others.

Summer at Doon-

The Doon School has announced a ‘Summer at Doon’ Leadership Programme to run from June 1 to 15, 2014. The two-week residential course is designed for boys and girls in classes IX-XII from across India and abroad. The programme, to be held at the school in Dehradun, will provide an opportunity for students to learn the art, science and practice of leadership.

The programme is being supported by Aspire, a provider of youth leadership programmes, while core elements of the course are being taught by Doon School masters, notably team work, adventurousness, trekking and social service.  

Headmaster’s Words-

“The Summer at Doon Leadership Course has come at a perfect time for India, and, indeed, the world. Young people are looking for clear leadership at national and international level from the adults in society, but see a woeful lack of intelligent, decisive and ethical leadership in practice. We will teach boys and girls the theoretical foundations of influential leadership, and how to make the calculated and informed decisions that are required to make a positive difference in the world,” said Peter McLaughlin

“Our Summer at Doon programme will enable boys and girls from all over India and abroad to explore and understand the pressing necessity for wise and inspirational leadership, and then go and take action wherever in the world they live and work.”- He further added.

Summer at Doon leadership programme (two weeks) is a fully residential and coeducational course Cost: Rs 1.25 lakh Application closing date: April 30


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