Commerce field – a pathway to service sector


Class X and Class XII marks become very important for every student. Score of Class XII plays very important in selection of college. However, scores of class X are more important as it is the step where the students have to decide which field to enter

But, most significantly, this series is all about hand-holding them through peer and parental pressure into taking that first step towards a meaningful career.

High cutoffs during admissions at the undergraduate level are not the only reason why young achievers from Class X opt for commerce today. Barring medicine and engineering-they can now even study architecture-all options are open for the clever commerce student, and it’s this plenitude of career options for them that makes it one of the most sought-after streams, experts and counsellors say. What’s more, the time spent in education before entering the professional world is significantly less for this group compared to other students.

“A certain familiarity with accountancy, mathematics, finance and management will hold one in good stead. What options are open? All of the commerce and business management venues and, if you have mathematics or even computers, software development via MCA. Mass communication, law (corporate law is an area where a commerce student can excel), almost all insurance sector jobs, advertising and public relations are other careers a commerce student can go for,” A career expert Malhotra says.

If one has a good grounding in mathematics and statistics, actuarial science is a lucrative option. And, of course, an honours in economics, mathematics and statistics is the popular choice for students who want to make a mark in academics.

“Commerce is a very good choice. All sorts of opportunities from finance to accounting and management are open for them. If they have studied mathematics, they can go for pure economics as well, which again is a hot course. Commerce students are missing out on only engineering and medical science. They are eligible for all other careers. Management education and commerce with specialization in finance and accounts are in demand. Commerce students are also very suitable for management studies,” Sunita Singh, director, admissions, Amity University said.



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