Stricter Guidelines by GTU this year


This year Gujarat Technology University becomes stricter in its norms during the conduct of its examinations. Noticing the cases of paper leaks in previous years, GTU has come to this decision to tighten its exam norms.

 The examinations are going to start from May 19th.

GTU is firm on the CCTV camera installation. It has decided to ban centres which do not have CCTV cameras installed. GTU has said that no college can be a centre where CCTV cameras are not there.

Next step, to save from paper leak is to get the question papers printed under supervision. GTU has decided that the downloading and printing of the question papers will have to be done in presence of the senior staff members of the college concerned.

 All the material will be protected by a password which will be sent to the coordinator personally.  The same password will have to be opened and then printed in the presence of several senior staff members. GTU officials said that the entire process should be videographed.

Cellphones will be strictly prohibited. Apart from the coordinator, no other staff member will be allowed to carry the mobile phone. The supervisor and the invigilator will not be allowed to carry their phones.

Students who go out of the exam hall for a while will also be observed. The university has also made it compulsory that any student who gets out of the examination hall will have to mention his seat number, the time he leaves and the time he returns in the logbook.

It is for sure that the University does not want to leave any chance where the question paper can be circulated on the social media.



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