Choosing Science as a stream in school largely depends on Aptitude of the student


Science becomes an important subject in high school. Two streams – Medicine and Engineering depend on one’s aptitude in science. Also, it is a gateway to other career opportunities and careers.

Science as a subject prepares student with three important aspects of life-working hard, solving problems and thinking analytically.

However, the efforts have to be consistent as the subject depends on the individual’s ability to cope with level of difficulty. Student should be sure before entering Class XI. Moreover, experts say, rest assured, for a science student “there will be no dearth of opportunity”.

Aptitude is key when choosing science in the final two years of school, they say. “The rule here is that if you are interested in science and technology, then you have no choice but to do science and the good part is that just because you have decided on a set of subjects in school doesn’t mean you have to continue with those for the rest of your life,” said career guidance expert Pervin Malhotra.

Mostly, students opting for science over commerce is due to family and parental pressure in most cases. “There is usually a lot of pressure on everybody to take science, especially among the boys. They look at it as a gateway to engineering, medicine, architecture and psychology. The school sets its criteria on who should take science based on their performance in science and mathematics. Many students take science against our advice, primarily because they want to keep all options open,”- says Senior Physics teacher of Sardar Patel Vidhyalaya.


The decision making for choosing a stream is difficult and further choosing a stream which is not one’s strength can be quite a difficult experience. Therefore, schools also feel that parents and students should have a level of trust in schools and their teachers during decision making. Parents should not pressurize kids if the school feels a certain field is not appropriate for the student.

“For those who are diligent, science can open many doors. A lot of people who have done engineering do well even in marketing. Now there are even more avenues like genetics, aeronautics, marine engineering, biotechnology and nanotechnology. So it’s much more interesting. Also, one need not just opt for engineering or medicine.” Divya Bhatia, vice principal, Amity International, Pushp Vihar.

Identifying and working on students strength and weakness by him/her is also very important in this. Students should be made self-aware of their own strengths and weakness which is the first pre-requisite of reaching goals.

“The first thing is the ability to be aware of one’s own strengths and weaknesses and set realistic goals for oneself. Students can go for aptitude testing. I come across lot of students who go for science only to realize later that it’s not their cup of tea.” Says Astha Mahajan, school counsellor.



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