CSE shows interest towards HC’s move for banning junk food in schools.

According to a daily newspaper, Centre for Science and Development (CSE) welcomes the case of Delhi High Court in the case of banning junk food in schools. The court also looks minutely as to which items will be banned in schools.

For this, N K Kaul has been asked to file a list of guidelines regarding this and further categorize into which ones are enforceable and others what are suggestive.

There was a case in the year 2010 when Uday Foundation, A Delhi-based NGO had filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) for ban of junk food sold inside and around school and emphasized on school canteen policy. In response to this, the court had asked the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to set guidelines. The guidelines were developed by an ‘expert group’ set up by FSSAI as per directions of the court.

However, in response to this, CSE pointed out that the guidelines submitted by FSSAI have a serious problem and are ineffective to be implemented.

There are some steps in favour which will be taken now-

“We believe that to begin with, carbonated beverages, sugar sweetened non-carbonated beverages, chips and other fried packed foods, potato fries and confectionery items should be completely banned from schools and near-by areas of 500 yards.”- says Director General of CSE.

  Notably, non-industry members of the FSSAI working group have got the industry representatives on the group to endorse this list of junk foods. Narain adds “The question now is about what is to be done with such junk food items which are high in salt, sugar and fats. We think the court is seriously addressing this issue of huge public health concern.”



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