Education is a must for inclusive growth and social harmony



       According to Rajasthan Governor Margaret Alva social harmony cannot be ensured through economic growth alone and asserted that there was a strong need to pay attention to the issues related with education.

Economic growth alone is not sufficient. “In a world torn apart by strife, often springing from economic disparities, we must ensure economic growth that is inclusive, for lasting peace and social harmony cannot be ensured through economic growth alone.

The focus usually stays limited to economic development. Economic issues are important to be solved but education should not be ignored.

“Economic development, essential for removing poverty, deserves to be accorded importance. However, educational issues seldom get the attention they deserve,” Alva said

“Lasting peace and harmony can be achieved, only if we can ensure that our children grow into caring, sensitive and compassionate adults. This has to be done, at the foundational stage, in schools and in our families and this is the essential pre-requisite for both inclusive growth and social harmony,” she further added

She also made a mention of Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Nai Taleem’ (new education) is endowed with spirituality.

The Governor suggested that people need to draw inspiration from Constitutional values.

“There can be no place for sectarianism, communalism or hate speech. Nor can a modern, civilised society engage in gender based discrimination. The noble values enshrined in our Constitution can be innovatively nurtured and disseminated through our education system,” she said.

The Governor also expressed concern over deteriorating traditional family structures.

“The joint family is disintegrating. Aged parents have no place in modern houses while children face neglect and loneliness with both parents working. The security of the home and family is fast disappearing. This is a concern that cannot be ignored or left to schools to deal with,” she said.

However, the whole matter depends on moral value. “This is a complex task. For discussions on ‘moral values’ will entail varied perspectives rooted in our diverse cultures. However, it is an exercise whose time has arrived,” she said. 



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