Recent trending Early MBA is it for you


An Early MBA is a growing trend nowadays specially in India. The typical scenario is created like this, complete your graduation, and join the crowd by getting into a good Mba college in India. The admissions will depend on the score in entrance exam but prior work experience does not stands anywhere. However, in reality, work experience is a pretty important piece in the jigsaw puzzle.

Early MBA-What it is?

In international B-school Adcom terminology, candidates with less than 2 years of full-time work experience are generally referred to as ‘early career MBA’ applicants. Some stretch that number to 3 years. There’s generally a break between the application phase and the program start. The sandwich approach is a good way of increasing the applicant pool and locking in high potential applicants!

Advantages of Early mba-

The big advantage of attending a top MBA college as an early career candidate is that you’d be spending time with folks who have much more experience than you do.

Unlike 2-year MBA programs in India where early career applications are the norm and everyone in the class would be in the same boat (with limited corporate exposure), in an international MBA your peer group will be relatively mature. You’re learning curve can be much better as you soak in the experiences and knowledge from your peer group.

The other advantage is the network you’d develop. Again, most of the recent graduates would already be in good positions in leading companies.

As they are already ahead of you in the story, you’d get a better idea of how your career path could pan out if your join the firm, not just after joining but after 3-5 years when you’d be in their situation managing more responsibilities.

As a younger student, you are less averse to calculated risks. When you aren’t racing against the sand in the hourglass, you’d be willing to take on more challenges. You could explore opportunities that your mature classmates would be less willing to try out. 

Disadvantages of Early mba-

First is there may stay unclear goals because no time is spent on work experience. Due to this, it may become difficult to come to knowledge what you want to do after completing mba.

The other drawback can be that you are just fitting into the class.Though the takeaways from your peers would be high, you may not be able to balance out the give-and-take relation due to your limited exposure to the business world. In group assignments and other team activities, your classmates may feel you are piggy-backing on their experience.


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