Must read books for young professionals


To keep on right track and progress in career young executives need inexhaustible supply of advice. Another good source, apart from mentors are books.

A good source of advice is books, which can not only teach you about several tools for working efficiently, but also open up your mind and career to unexplored new worlds.

Here is a list of helpful books-

Book 1. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – by Stephen R Covey

This book helps you adopt an inside-out approach to personal and professional development. It first wants you to understand how a situation can be viewed from different perspectives and then tells you to imbibe life-long habits that boost your career trajectory.

The first three habits deal with mastering the self and next habits talk about the synergy with others


Book 2. Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion – by Noah J Goldstein, Steve J Martin and Robert B Cialdini

In this book, the authors says that your business business success will come from persuasion or the art of getting people to take the desired actions. Persuasion is rarely taught and learnt primarily from real world experiences, but Cialdini translates learnings from psychology and marketing to use in the real world.

You learn how advertising and marketing professionals apply the techniques of persuasion to get customers to buy products and keep businesses running.


Book 3. Who Moved My Cheese? – by Spencer Johnson

The only constant in life is change, and this book transforms your attitude to dealing with change in your professional and personal spaces. A motivational book, it is presented in the form of a short parable, which is easy on the eye and can be completed in one sitting.

The book has a special way of describing itself. Everything is shown in a story of two mice and two humans who live in a maze and look for cheese.

The book prepares you to expect, monitor and anticipate change, and respond quickly to find happiness and purpose.

Book 4. What Color is My Parachute? – by Richard Bolles

You will change jobs a few times in your career unless you find your dream destination early on. This best-selling job search book is structured like a workshop. You do exercises that make you think, introspect and write after every few pages. The book makes you ready in form of exercise.

Book 5.Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap …and Others Don’t – by Jim Collins

How can you become a great leader and create highly successful companies? Collins researched companies, interviewed leaders and reviewed articles to distill seven concepts that get you on the path of leadership and business success.

The hedgehog concept requires you to focus on the centre of three overlapping circles of what you love to do, what you are best at and what the world will pay for. Great companies use technology to accelerate outcomes within the focus defined by the hedgehog concept, not for the sake of using technology.


Book 6. Man’s Search for Meaning – by Viktor Frankl

What is the one thing that drives and energises us? Finding meaning in every moment is the secret that creates a purposeful and enjoyable life.

By taking responsibility for actions that align with your meaning, you regain power over your life that was earlier diffused and distributed outside you.


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