Ways to reduce stress during college days

  Many students are seen stressed and overwhelmed before examinations. This situation makes them almost ready to quit. Happy students also many times come under stress. They do not perform well because they are constantly in a state of worry.


Make yourself comfortable especially before exams. Follow this few steps-

1. Allow yourself to make mistakes


As a human being, we all have the full right to make mistakes. Don’t stop yourself from making mistakes and learn from them. You don’t have control over some of the stress you will feel, like the due dates of papers, or problems with the printer. However, you do have control over how seriously you take the mistakes you make yourself. Often we are much harder on our own mistakes than we are on others. Rather than beat yourself up about the missed homework assignment, the lack of studying, the way you let a friend down, or eating too much ice cream during an all-nighter, make a plan of how to avoid the mistakes you can change, and forgive yourself for the mistakes which were really an accident.

2. Listen to music


Music is a relax therapy. It has direct impacts on our emotions. Music can help soothe your emotions. Make it an integral part of life. Listen and relax in a comfortable chair, or take a walk in the sunshine.

3. Use your senses for relaxation


Most of studying at college is using your eyes to stare at a book, computer screen or tablet. But we are not just people with eyes to read and fingers to type. Your sense of smell is a powerful emotional and mental tool also. Scientists who study smell are amazed to find that people often connect smells with very powerful memories. So, take advantage of this. Take a trip to the Bath and Body store and try out the different scents. Just enjoying the different scents there can be a fun relaxation.

4.Pop a peppermint candy


Research at the University of Cincinnati in the 1990s found that the taste and smell of peppermint helped people to relax and focus on a test. Overeating can be a result of stress at the college because good taste makes us feel better.

You can use this to your advantage if you avoid the costly binge of large bag of chips, a candy bar and a Coke by satisfying your urge for sweets with peppermint or other hard candy.

So keep some on hand to pop in your mouth to satisfy your craving for something sweet, and help you keep calm at the same time.

5.Find Someone to Talk to


Talking out is also a stress reliever. Get some to connect. You may call upon your parents, brother or sister sometimes. Chances are once you finish talking after that you might feel relieved.

6.Write it out.



Sometimes things may be such that you don’t want to disclose to someone or the case may be there is no one to share. In this case, instead of keeping it inside, you can write it down. There will be no pent-up stress inside and you have worked on your writing skills as well. The write way to do this for lightening your emotions is like this. Keep on writing. Don’t go back and edit. Let all the thoughts flow. You will feel relaxed after writing and chances are you have found your problem solved or you may be getting answers along the way.

7.Volunteer to help


Helping others makes you feel good and also while helping others you can relate things to your problems and come to solution. Even though it doesn’t make sense to say that when you are stressed and feeling too busy that you should add something else to your schedule, by volunteering to help someone else, you may find you get more than you give.

8.Look at the Big Picture



In all of life, keep the perspective big. Although that test next week is important, so are your friendships, your family, your health and your need for rest. Don’t let anyone event discourage you from trying and remember that college is a time when you learn from the experience, not just from the classroom.


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