84% students choose to settle in India and 16% move abroad for Career Prospectus


Indian students are yet to lose hope on their career prospects in India.

Eighty-four per cent of graduation and post-graduation students in Delhi-NCR will choose to settle in India for career prospects while the remaining 16 per cent are of the view that moving abroad revealed a recent survey.

The survey ‘Youth Economics:

 Career Expectations Survey’ undertaken by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry found that students are grappled with multiple challenges such as lack of financial resources for pursuing education vis-a-vis ever increased prices and lack of employment opportunities.

The survey results further revealed that only 29 percent of the respondents were thinking of pursuing higher education after completion of graduation/post-graduation studies. Fifty-five per cent would prefer to attain jobs to become self-sustainable financially as early as possible.

Private sector jobs edged over government jobs with excellent growth opportunities, fabulous remuneration packages and challenging roles compared to job security, privileges, stability and satisfaction at government jobs.

Other interesting finds:

  • 73 per cent students financially dependent on their parents
  • 19 per cent of the students were dependent on scholarships or stipends
  • 8 per cent dependent on home based businesses
  • 16 per cent students borrowed money to meet day-to-day pocket expenses
  • 3 per cent students curtailed expenditures by 35 per cent in terms of food, clothing, transportation and entertainment.
  • 14 per cent students opted for part time jobs and tuitions
  • 12 per cent students used previous savings
  • 5 per cent said they felt no impact of inflation

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