Manipal on top


    If a University can give students like Satya Nadella and Rajeev Suri who are successfully heading two of the World’s leading 500 Companies, faculty put Manipal on top.

But the credit goes to Dr TMA Pai, a visionary who created an educational township out of a barren hillock here. Dr.Pai expresses his faith for students by saying “Students are the great assets of the country. They must realize it and see they are not only assets in imagination, but in action and dependability too.”

While these illustrious alumni of Manipal Institute of Technology have put the global spotlight on this truly international education town, the university authorities — while certainly delighted with the turn of events — are not going to town about it.

Dr Pai , modestly, in a matter of fact manner “It is their (Satya and Suri’s) own efforts.”


He further adds, What the university has done, is ensured the brightest minds have access to various educational institutions that the University runs, MIT included; provide the best of faculty to chisel the rough edges and give matching infrastructure to take it forward. Success of the alumni is the recognition society has provided them for their hard work, and also a testimony to the university’s efforts to give society the best, he adds.

“It is merit, merit, and merit alone that counts at Manipal University. The process of attracting the best brains happens at MU — students and faculty included. The best of talents have emerged not just from MIT, but from other wings of the university too, including life sciences. It’s just that their success has not been heralded as much,” pro-chancellor Dr HS Ballal avers

The Registrar of the college Dr GK Prabhu says the success of students from there is highly influenced by the atmosphere the education hub provides.

 The University has students from 59 English-speaking nations on our rolls and this international mix helps locals gain a wider perspective about life.

Dr Ballal is against the students becoming frog in the well. The accent is not just on academics, but co-curricular activities, social service and sports as well. “The university believes in creating a rounded personality.

Quality learning and over-all Development

Big achievements can be made only by a man who is content with small beginnings. This management adage was well imbibed and practiced by Dr (TMA) Pai. Introduction of self-reliance in education, where the students contributed towards acquiring knowledge through quality learning, is a great concept developed at least in India by Dr Pai. Manipal institutions have stood for quality which is a great contribution to society from the days of Dr TMA Pai.


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